Alexander Technique

What Is The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique teaches you to be more aware of how you use your mind and your body in everyday activities. It can enable you to discover the freedom to think and act in a new way.

Most people experience a greater sense of ease and flexibility.

A clearer awareness of your centre of gravity can lead to a realization that you can use less effort and energy and this can lead to feelings of lightness and expansion.

Aches and pains caused by poor posture and excessive muscular tension and stress can begin to release as you become more coordinated and appropriately responsive.

Who Is It For?

It is for anyone interested in mindfulness and bringing conscious awareness to ones habitual responses and reactions.

In 2008 the British Medical Journal published research that proved the effectiveness of Alexander Technique for the relief of long term back pain.

Alexander Technique is taught in many music, dance and drama colleges to improve performance.

It is useful for sports people including people interested in horse riding, running and cycling.

Alexander Technique can provide useful support during pregnancy, giving birth naturally and in the postnatal period.

What Happens In A Session?

With gentle hands on contact and verbal encouragement I will support you in the exploration of movements like sitting standing walking and bending and if appropriate, other activities such as playing a musical instrument singing reciting or sitting on a saddle can be investigated.

I will also work with you lying on a table on your back in a semi supine position.

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing.

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