About Sheila

I had my first Alexander Technique lessons in the late 1970’s after injuring my upper back. The pain I was experiencing eased relatively quickly but I continued with the lessons because I began to experience a deepening sense of inner quiet and self awareness.

During those early lessons I learnt to let go of responding and reacting to situations in a way that was detrimental to my well being and health. I became more mindful and therefore more able to make more conscious choices and decisions. I was 25 at the time with three young children and I am grateful for those early lessons.

I trained as a teacher with Don Burton and after three years of full time study I qualified from the Fellside Alexander School in 1996. Don Burton’s innovative approach, his interest in Buddhism and meditation and varied extra curricular activities designed to help integrate the changes that take place in oneself with intensive hands on work suited me. My meditation practise deepened and old traumas and difficulties resolved as I recovered missing parts of myself.

I established my own teaching practice in Hebden Bridge after qualifying and I also taught part time on the Fellside Alexander teacher training course for a number of years. I regularly exchange work with colleagues and more recently have done post graduate work with Shaike Hermalin. I continue to be excited about what the Alexander Technique has to offer. It is a method of enabling conscious awareness and in this respect can make a positive contribution towards the evolution of humanity.

During my time at Fellside I began to notice and experience the deeper energetic nature of the living body and craniosacral therapy became the way for me to develop an understanding of this.

I studied Craniosacral Therapy with Michael Kern and Franklin Sills and qualified in 1999. Since then I have completed post graduate studies that include Epigenetic Forces in relation to Embryological Formation, and The Nervous System and Trauma Resolution. For the past eight years I have hosted and participated in a peer group of experienced craniosacral therapists exploring subjects that include implantation, conception and birth dynamics. I have also studied contemporary thinking on the nature of myofascia , and dentistry in relation to the TMJ (jaw joints) and whole body balance.

I work in the centre of Hebden Bridge and am registered and insured by CSTA and STAT. I am subject to ethical standards and codes of conduct and am committed to continual professional development and I am passionate about my work.